Sunday, January 11, 2015

Jewels of My Heart

Awaken my sleeping heart to your healing touch.
Breathe new life upon the calluses of my soul.
Turn my thoughts to your truth and transform my ways to your purposes.

Enlighten my dark places and open the gates to the hidden treasures of the jewels of my heart.
Let your mercy and grace shine forth as the sunlight burns away the dross of the decay of yesterday – bringing tomorrow on the wings of everlasting.

Let the ashes of yesterday become the beauty of tomorrow.

Surrender and Accept

Surrendering like clay to the Potter;
I succumb to the reality of Divinity,
and relinquish the illusion of success and failure.

In this net of Truth it is easy to perceive limitless potential versus false visions of grandeur.

Puffed up expectations, false hopes, beautiful lies; the currency of society.

Count the cost of everything.
Rather than asking someone, "How much does this cost?" Ask yourself, "What is my value?"

Monday, June 11, 2012

Heart Times

The winter has gone; Spring has come.
The frost of your heart has shattered, and the Light has sprung forth for the flower of love to blossom and bear abundance.

I AM the Vine-dresser and the fruit you bear cannot be bruised or plucked; but will be rooted and grounded in the soil of my love for you, and all those who take shelter in you.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What are you thinking?

I could also title this, “Are you listening?” 

Are you one of the many that find your mind is constantly turning; as if you were the hamster running fast on a wheel going nowhere?

Do you find yourself constantly judging everything, and find yourself listening to yourself?

How often do you find at night your mind keeping you up with lists to do, and replays of the day, or fast forwards of tomorrow?

Congratulations you officially have monkey mind!

I was relieved to recently find that this effects nearly everyone, and I am not alone in this struggle. I was even more relieved to hear that these thoughts are really the program that has been downloaded in us since childhood, and all the judgments and projections we have taken on.  Why is this good news?  Because once we become aware of this, we can make a choice to choose what we believe by our free will of saying yes or no to it.

Becoming aware of our free will and how important our choices are becomes the first tool in detaching ourselves from our limiting beliefs and judgments against ourselves. 

It is this simple- the truth exists whether you believe it or not.  Lies on the other hand only exist by your emotions.  Lies thrive on drama, reaction, and emotional poison, this is what keeps them alive.  Moreover, the truth feels light, and lies feels heavy. That is why it is called “enlightenment.”  Now ask yourself does this feel light to you or heavy?

Here is a simple exercise to try - Next time you have a thought, pain, or emotion come up, ask yourself, “Who does that belong to?”
Science has proven that by doing this for 3 days you can eliminate up to 85% of that monkey mind or constant chatter. 

If this feels light do it, and let me know your results.

In His Love,
Debarah :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Date Nights

With today's rush version of life; it is easy to ignore the important things in life - our loved ones.  There are many cliche's for this wise lesson, but I like simple - whatever kind of relationship you are in; single, or married; make time for date nights!

Jeff and I are budget conscious right now, so many times our date nights are simply us getting dressed up for each other, a nice dinner, and a bottle of wine (or margaritas).  Throw in some romance with music and a movie, and whola you have a successful date night!